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Tesla Pollen Filter Replacment

Regular Servicing

Cleevely Mobile offers expert EV servicing right at your doorstep, ensuring top-quality maintenance that protects your warranty.

James jacking up a Tesla - Cleevely EV

Reduction Gear Oil Replacement

Our reduction gear oil replacement service extends the life of your EV's drivetrain, ensuring optimal performance without compromise.

Cleevely EV lubricating Tesla brakes

Brake Lubrication Servicing

Our brake lubrication service ensures your EV's brakes operate smoothly and efficiently, enhancing safety and performance.

Cleevely EV fixing Tesla suspension

Suspension Work

Our suspension service not only enhances your EV's ride comfort and handling but also targets and resolves squeaks and noises common in EV suspensions, ensuring a smooth, stable, and quiet driving experience.



Tesla Under Frunk

End of Warranty Inspection

Our End of Warranty Inspection service offers a thorough check-up of your electric vehicle at your convenience, ensuring it remains in peak condition as your warranty concludes. Let our expert technicians identify and address any potential concerns before it is too late.

James investigating an EV

Diagnosis, Investigation, & Repair

Our expert experience in EVs enhances our diagnosis, investigation, and repair services, ensuring swift and precise resolutions for optimal vehicle performance and reliability.

Our Pricing – Examples

Tesla Standard Service

This Tesla standard service offers a comprehensive inspection and maintenance package that ensures your vehicle’s optimal functionality and performance, covering everything from air quality and smooth operation of doors and steering to safety checks, fluid maintenance, and corrosion prevention.

£195 +VAT

Starts from

Major Service (Most makes & Models exc. Tesla)

The Major Service package differentiates from the Minor Service by including a comprehensive brake system overhaul, which involves a full brake strip, clean, adjustment, and lubrication, along with treatment of brake line ferrules. Additionally, it provides an assessment of the traction battery’s State of Health (SOH), offering a more detailed evaluation of the vehicle’s key performance and safety components.

£225 +VAT

Starts from

Minor Service

(Most makes & Models exc. Tesla)

The Minor Service package focuses on essential safety and maintenance checks, including tire, lighting, and seat belt inspections, fluid and additive top-ups, pollen filter replacement, and lubrication of hinges and latches, ensuring the vehicle’s safety, comfort, and operational efficiency.

£175 +VAT

Starts from

Diagnosis and Investigation

Our service stands out for our expert focus on electric vehicles, utilising specialized knowledge and experience to effectively diagnose and resolve EV-specific issues.

£100 +VAT/hr.

Starts from

Happy Customers

" I’ve been very impressed with the service from the moment I made an enquiry, to booking the appointment and right through to completion of the work required the communication has been fantastic, information provided has been excellent and the actual technician carrying out the work was superb, all in all, having been in the motor repair industry all my working life, you guys have it spot on in terms of the customer service provided. "


"Technician was fantastic, very informative on what he was inspecting and what he was looking for.
Report received same day, and included pictures of issues that were found.
Fantastic service from start to end, would definitely recommend.
Thank you again."

Dan Smith


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