End of Warranty Inspection

Starting at £180+VAT

Why choose an End of Warranty Inspection for my EV?

At Cleevely Mobile, we understand the importance of maintaining your electric vehicle’s performance and value, especially as it approaches the end of its warranty period. Our comprehensive End of Warranty Inspection service is meticulously designed to give you peace of mind. Conducted at your convenience, whether at home or work, our expert technicians will perform a thorough examination of your vehicle, covering all critical components to ensure it is in optimal condition. This proactive approach not only helps in identifying any issues that could be covered under your existing warranty but also provides a roadmap for any recommended maintenance, securing your vehicle’s reliability and efficiency for the miles ahead. Trust Cleevely Mobile to safeguard your electric vehicle’s integrity as you transition beyond the warranty period.

Make the most of your warranty

Catch major problems early

I wonder if you’d please pass on my thanks to Paul. I booked my M3 into Tesla SC Leeds after his report arrived and, using the form of words he suggested,  wanted to let you know that they have today replaced the rear secondary door seal, both front upper control arms, both lower front lateral links, both rear upper fore links and then carried out a four-wheel alignment. They also replaced the steering wheel, which Paul had thought was marginal (and I had to agree seemed unlikely to be replaced), but I have to say the difference is noticeable now I’ve driven with the new one. All done under warranty, which otherwise would have come in at over £3,100 including parts and the 7.6 hours labour showing on the invoice.

I’m really pleased with this outcome and will continue to recommend your end of warranty inspection service to other EV owners I know 😊


Tesla End of Warranty Inspection

Cleevely Mobile is the UK’s premier provider of End of Warranty Inspections specifically for Tesla vehicles, highly endorsed by the Tesla Owners Club UK for our meticulous and expert service. Our dedicated team of technicians specialises in conducting comprehensive inspections for Teslas, ensuring every crucial aspect of your vehicle is thoroughly examined. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist customers in identifying and reporting any necessary repairs while still under warranty, potentially saving you from costly out-of-pocket expenses post-warranty. Trust us to provide a detailed assessment that could safeguard your Tesla against future expensive repairs, maintaining its performance and value as your warranty period draws to a close.

Do you offer extended warranties for EVs?

Our colleagues at Cleevely Electric Vehicles are collaborating with a top-tier warranty provider to bring you an exceptional extended warranty product, tailored specifically for electric vehicles. This collaboration enables us to offer a range of comprehensive extended warranty options that cover not only the essential components of your electric car but also provide specialized battery plans for Teslas, extending beyond their initial 8-year warranty period. This initiative ensures that your electric vehicle receives the utmost protection against unforeseen issues, securing your peace of mind and the ongoing performance of your EV well into the future. 

For more information visit: The Cleevely Electric Vehicles Warranty Page


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Happy Customers

" I’ve been very impressed with the service from the moment I made an enquiry, to booking the appointment and right through to completion of the work required the communication has been fantastic, information provided has been excellent and the actual technician carrying out the work was superb, all in all, having been in the motor repair industry all my working life, you guys have it spot on in terms of the customer service provided. "


"Technician was fantastic, very informative on what he was inspecting and what he was looking for.
Report received same day, and included pictures of issues that were found.
Fantastic service from start to end, would definitely recommend.
Thank you again."

Dan Smith

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