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Why service your EV at home with Cleevely Mobile?

Regular electric car servicing is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of your electric vehicle (EV). Our specializsed EV service pays particular attention to the suspension system, brake fluid quality, braking system integrity, and EV-specific components, drawing upon years of experience to meet the unique requirements of electric vehicles.

Our servicing routine includes thorough inspections of the traction battery and low voltage battery systems, ensuring they are functioning efficiently and effectively. These checks are pivotal for maintaining your EV’s operational integrity, but we place a stronger emphasis on areas that have a significant impact on your EV’s daily performance.

The suspension system receives a comprehensive examination as part of our service. The suspension system is crucial for maintaining optimal ride comfort and handling. Our technicians meticulously inspect the suspension components for any signs of wear, ensuring your driving experience is smooth and stable.

During our major service options, we include an assessment of the reduction gear oil quality, an essential yet often neglected aspect of EV maintenance. This check ensures the gear components operate smoothly, which is key to reducing wear and prolonging the lifespan of these parts. Unlike most garages, our major service also encompasses the stripping and lubricating of brakes. This preventive approach keeps the braking system in prime condition, enhancing both safety, longevity and performance.

We also evaluate the brake fluid quality and the overall condition of the braking system. Ensuring the brake fluid is of high quality and the braking system is well-maintained is crucial for reliable stopping power. Our team guarantees that your brakes are responsive and dependable, offering you peace of mind regarding your vehicle’s safety.

Choosing our specialised electric car servicing means entrusting your EV to professionals who are well-versed in the specific needs of electric vehicles. With a focused approach on both the critical and the EV-specific, we ensure your electric vehicle continues to be a reliable, efficient, and pleasurable mode of transportation.

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That was the best service I have ever had, simple to book, arrived on time and a first class job. Followed you both for years on YouTube and as this is my first time of using you on my Zoe will also use you for my new MG4. Every part of your company is pleasurable and professionally done.

Thanks again and your new guy who only started with you a couple of months ago is a great asset to you, explaining everything and good photos taken. 

Bob Blood

Do EVs actually need servicing?

Yes, electric vehicles (EVs) definitely require servicing, however it is a lot less messy than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Despite lacking a traditional combustion engine, EVs have critical components like the battery, electric motor, braking, and suspension system that necessitate regular checks and maintenance. Servicing ensures the longevity and efficiency of these components, maintaining the vehicle’s performance and safety. Additionally, routine servicing includes the replacement of the pollen filter, ensuring a clean and healthy cabin environment. Regular maintenance by professionals familiar with the specific needs of EVs can prevent potential issues and keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

More Services

Tesla Pollen Filter Replacment

Regular Servicing

Cleevely Mobile offers expert EV servicing right at your doorstep, ensuring top-quality maintenance that protects your warranty.

James jacking up a Tesla - Cleevely EV

Reduction Gear Oil Replacement

Our reduction gear oil replacement service extends the life of your EV's drivetrain, ensuring optimal performance without compromise.

Cleevely EV lubricating Tesla Brakes

Brake Lubrication Servicing

Our brake lubrication service ensures your EV's brakes operate smoothly and efficiently, enhancing safety and performance.

Diagnosis, Investigation, & Repair

Our expert experience in EVs enhances our diagnosis, investigation, and repair services, ensuring swift and precise resolutions for optimal vehicle performance and reliability.

Happy Customers

" I’ve been very impressed with the service from the moment I made an enquiry, to booking the appointment and right through to completion of the work required the communication has been fantastic, information provided has been excellent and the actual technician carrying out the work was superb, all in all, having been in the motor repair industry all my working life, you guys have it spot on in terms of the customer service provided. "


"Technician was fantastic, very informative on what he was inspecting and what he was looking for.
Report received same day, and included pictures of issues that were found.
Fantastic service from start to end, would definitely recommend.
Thank you again."

Dan Smith

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